OneCarolina Training Institute

At Carolina we believe in investing in our own people by providing professionally created training opportunities at all career levels. We offer a variety of trainings, professional development and management courses to assist with the continued growth of our staff. In addition to traditional trainings, all development staff have access to our training site. The site allows development staff to sign up for courses, access numerous professional development, leadership and management tools, and collaborate with colleagues across campus using our own internal talent blog.

Whether you learn best in the classroom or virtually, we have opportunities for you to continue your journey as a life long learner!

Sample Course

Gift Planning - Clues

90 minutes


Many donors have the wish to leave a legacy but are unsure what they can do. This course will guide you through how to recognize key phrases when speaking with a prospective donor to best assist them in finding a solution that works best for the donor and their family. During this course we’ll develop a shared list of words and phrases that should always get a gift planner’s attention, and develop open-ended questions to clarify or enhance information supplied by the prospect. We’ll finish by putting it all in practice while role playing sample donor conversations designed to help you recognize those clues.

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